Grace in Small Things – 17/365

  1. I made it past 16 days! Don’t need to add (Reloaded) until Day 35 (assuming I make it that far on this attempt πŸ™‚
  2. Good company and yummy Chinese food at Eric and Shannon’s house.
  3. My Christmas cactus is blooming – very pretty!
  4. Sergey communicates with my parents on Skype via interpretive dance. Fun for the whole family πŸ˜›
  5. My Gmail inbox is clean and organized again. Yay labels and archiving!

8 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 17/365

  1. 1. I got another umpteen dozen cookies baked.

    2. I thought of a few more things to give away as prizes

    3. A good visit with people from Hong Kong

    4. Lynn’s leftover pumpkin-stuffed French toast, so I had something to serve our guests

    5. Mulan–I haven’t seen that movie in a loooong time. And incidentally, my student who watched it with us said it’s pretty accurate to the story she knows. But we noticed that when they’re using one of the stone lions as a battering ram to go after the emperor, both lions are male (with a ball under one paw) instead of one male and one female (with a cub under one paw), like they’re supposed to be.


  2. Congrats! Would love to see Sergey’s interpretive dance. Was just wondering recently if you’d made it longer than last time!

    Glad to know we’re on your lists once a week. You must not have fun with anyone else (or don’t’ see anyone else anymore?) since no one else ever gets mentioned. Oh wait, there was Mel that one day!


  3. Karen, “Mulan” is awesome… “My little baby, all grown up and saving China!” I should watch it again!

    Shannon, maybe I can get Bill to videotape Sergey one of these Sundays – though the kid gets weird when he knows he is being taped πŸ™‚

    As far as hanging out with other people – it’s pretty much you and Eric once a week, Mel twice a week, and mother-in-law once a week. I don’t have a life anymore (and usually stay late at work when Bill has game nights at our house, so don’t get to interact with the people who come to those).


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