Grace in Small Things (Reloaded) – 16/365

  1. I felt better today than I had in days – so good not to feel exhausted!
  2. Karen is coming to visit in January (any time between the 1st and the 12th is fine, Karen!)
  3. Xavier running around with his snow boots on his hands 😉
  4. My husband cooks.
  5. Staying on top of keeping the downstairs area more or less clean.

8 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things (Reloaded) – 16/365

  1. 1. Planning parties Chinese style: Oh, it’s Thursday, do you think we should give out invitations tomorrow for our party on Monday?

    2. Spending most of the afternoon wrapping presents

    3. My rice-cooker

    4. Being able to leave the living room a mess if I’m planning to finish something later

    5. Cheese (not something we take for granted around here!)


  2. If I leave a room a mess, it is guaranteed to become ever more of a mess 🙂

    Oh, and I think I can totally get behind planning parties the Chinese way!


  3. Leaving the room a mess is not really an option when my roommate’s here, because she’ll tidy it up, and then I’ll feel half guilty for making her do it, and half upset that she messed with my system.


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