Grace in Small Things – 15/365

  1. My hair is short short short 🙂
  2. Christmas tree is up! Not decorated yet, but at least it’s inside the house now…
  3. Free lunch and snacks at work today!
  4. Talked to the insurance, and it looks like they will cover therapy for Damien. Yay!
  5. I am going to get to bed before midnight tonight. Sooo tired.

3 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 15/365

  1. I’m so glad Damien’s therapy will be covered! That can get expensive.

    By the way, when would be a good time to visit you during the short time I’m home this winter? Kristine leaves on Jan. 1, so sometime between then and the 12th.


  2. 1. The toilet is still flushing. Not very enthusiastically, but it goes down, and that’s a good thing. (We’d have named our toilet Beelzebub, except we already gave that name to the computer.)

    2. I managed to get money transferred to a friend’s account all by myself. (Took me a while to understand what they were telling me about the fee, but I got it eventually.)

    3. Christmas music, of which I have more than 9 hours on my computer.

    4. We’re going to be able to get rid of a lot of excess stuff in our apartments by giving it away as prizes at our Christmas parties.

    5. Our friends’ baby’s one-month party is the day before I leave, so I might actually get to see them before I go.


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