Grace in Small Things (Reloaded) – 10/365

  1. Nice dinner with Eric and Shannon. Bonus – our kids played well with their kids!
  2. Big meeting asking feedback for website redesign went well. Who knows, might actually get a go-ahead to start implementing it on Monday.
  3. Xavier seems to be feeling better (after throwing up twice last night)
  4. Bill had a good interview, and got some helpful positive feedback.
  5. Tomorrow will be warmer than today (5 degrees = brrrrrr!

One thought on “Grace in Small Things (Reloaded) – 10/365

  1. 1. We still don’t have the faster internet service we paid for, but we got a new friend out of the deal

    2. We managed to persuade the college president that the new living room furniture that was delivered to us wasn’t going to work, and we’d rather keep our old stuff

    3. Christmas music

    4. One of my brothers is back in town, and we had a really good talk

    5. Slippers that stay on my feet when I walk up stairs


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