Grace in Small Things (Reloaded) – 9/365

  1. Last night everything looked so beautiful covered with snow
  2. No snow day, but at least we only got 6 inches or so instead of over a foot of (heavy wet) white stuff
  3. Mel gave us his old snow blower for Christmas two years ago, and brought fresh gas/oil mix for it yesterday. Makes clearing the driveway a lot easier and quicker!
  4. New (to us) “Chuck” episodes on Hulu, and a new “Castle” episode waiting to be watched
  5. Bill has an interview with a consulting company tomorrow. We are not holding our breath, but at least they wanted to talk to him.

One thought on “Grace in Small Things (Reloaded) – 9/365

  1. 1. More gingerbread cookies

    2. Wrapping presents (yes, I’m one of those weird people who actually enjoys it)

    3. A really nice dinner with friends, at which no one got drunk and no one tried to force us to drink anything we didn’t want to

    4. Lazy susans, because they make passing food around a large table so much easier

    5. Individual hot-pots, where you can cook whatever you want, and it’s easier to fish the sweet potato slices out of the bottom when they’re done


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