Grace in Small Things (Reloaded) – 8/365

  1. I got home safely tonight despite slippery roads and idiot drivers (looking at you, jerk in the AA Best Choice van)
  2. Today was a productive day at work
  3. Tomorrow might end up being a snow day
  4. Mel came over and played with the kids, so I could stay at work late and catch up on stuff
  5. Cranberry mastery in FarmVille (hey, I gotta take the good things whenever I can find them 🙂

One thought on “Grace in Small Things (Reloaded) – 8/365

  1. 1. Being done with classes for the semester

    2. Having my students ask any question they want, because they come up with some interesting ones (Though doesn’t “Do you miss your children?” kind of beg the question of whether I have children or not?)

    3. Every one of my writing students turned in an essay, complete with outline and first draft like I’d asked them to!

    4. Uno

    5. Did I mention being done with classes?


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