Grace in Small Things (Reloaded) – 2/365

  1. Karen and Shannon, who read this blog and post comments 🙂 *feels the love*
  2. I have a great dentist. Had my cleaning appointment today. No cavities, yay! Of course, I need two crowns and he wants to remove all four of my wisdom teeth (arguments that I can use all the wisdom I have are falling on deaf ears), but I am not going to think about it this week.
  3. Driving fast on the freeway.
  4. John at work got me a power cord that lets me plug in three things at a time, so now there are advent candles in all my windows (back in my college days, this office used to be an RA’s room. It has a lovely bay window).
  5. Pumpernickel bagels with honey walnut cream cheese.

4 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things (Reloaded) – 2/365

  1. 1. Our Christmas party with the English majors this morning went really well.
    2. The college maintenance guy gave us a ride to school with all our stuff for the party, which we couldn’t possibly have carried on the bus.
    3. Singing Christmas carols in the school canteen.
    4. Being all done with classes except for the two I have to make up next Tuesday because I missed last Tuesday.
    5. Watching student Diane (who is really short) stand on a chair to try to pin a tiny Santa hat onto Ben’s (who is really tall) head.


  2. #5 reminded me of meeting our online friend Ocy in the flesh for the first time. I had to stand on a chair to be face-to-face with him, too 🙂


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