Grace in Small Things – 13/365

  1. Got done with a project at work, only a week late 🙂
  2. Another work request that had a potential to be a real pain in the ass ended up being an easy fix
  3. Mel is coming over tomorrow, which means I can stay at work late and catch up on things, if I need to
  4. Got both Damien and Sergey to cooperate and try on socks so that I could sort them (life will be a lot easier in the socks department when they are wearing the same size 🙂
  5. Last load of towels is in the dryer, and then no more laundry until Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 13/365

  1. Had to chuckle over the socks! Imagine that’s quite a challenge.

    1. We’re finally on to paragraphs in my writing class, which means I can spend less class time talking and more time making them write.

    2. They came up with a really good paragraph on their first try!

    3. There was a bus ready to go when I left school, so I could come right home.

    4. I slept until my alarm this morning, instead of waking up at 4 AM or some other ridiculous hour.

    5. The blisters on my toes don’t hurt anymore.


  2. You could do what my mom did – Colored thread in the toes (where no one can see it!). All you have to look for is the color and you immediately know which child it belongs to.

    That’s actually the reason I wash my two kids clothes separate – so I don’t have to first take time figuring out which one it belongs to. But I’m sure it’s going to be harder once they’re in the same room.


  3. Oh – mom started the thread thing when we all got into the same size because inevitably one child would end up with all the socks and the other ones would have none. And heaven forbid J had to wear S’s socks!


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