Grace in Small Things – 11/365

  1. Bill let me sleep in
  2. Swimming with Xavier – he is loving it so far
  3. Family get-together at mother-in-law’s went a lot better than I expected
  4. Despite ample provocation, I have not grounded my children for life
  5. New books from Half-Price Bookstore! (“Minority Report,” a collection of stories by Philip K. Dick; “Light Raid,” by Connie Willis and Cynthia Felice

2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things – 11/365

  1. 1. 11 hours of sleep

    2. Toenails (because otherwise the big gouge across mine would have been into my toe and involved a lot of blood)

    3. Scented candles

    4. 101 excuses to procrastinate lesson-planning

    5. The campfire smell still clinging to my windbreaker


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