Time to start buying soap in bulk

On Saturday, DemonChild sat down to watch a movie with HisMelness, BelovedSpouse, and Squeektar. Squeektar got to choose the movie.

[DemonChild, unhappy with his younger brother’s choice, muttering]
“Fucking movie”

[BelovedSpouse, unable to believe his ears]
“What did you just say???”

[DemonChild, still muttering]
“Fucking movie”

[me, happily]
“I never used the word ‘fucking’ with the word ‘movie’ ;-)”

[BelovedSpouse, after giving DemonChild a timeout]
“I might have said it the other day, when I was very frustrated”

“For the foreseeable future, you are picking the kids up at daycare, because I don’t want to explain that one ;-)”

I just find it highly amusing that DemonChild picked up something BelovedSpouse said, and not me. For the record, I am the one with the potty mouth, so I would have expected my kid’s first swear phrase to be “fucking Tom” or “fucking Development” 😛

P.S. I was planning to post this yesterday, but fell asleep, so the answer to “NaBloPoMo or bust!” is a resounding “bust.”


4 thoughts on “Time to start buying soap in bulk

  1. You’ve only missed one day, don’t give up yet!

    Glad he didn’t pick that up from me, or that my son hasn’t picked it up. I slipped up in the car the other day, with that exact word directed at another driver.


  2. OMG, i LOLd when I read your expected first words for DemonChild…now wouldn’t that be sad if Tom or Development were the first words he paired with explitives *deviant grins*


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