And so it goes

The kids are being sweet today. Squeektar has a cold, so he was extra snuggly, and is asleep already. ChairmanMao is quietly laying on the floor and smiling at me. DemonChild had a great time swimming. In a few minutes, I will pack up the kids and drive the babysitter home. When we get back, Husband and I will play some WoW. Trying not to think about the future too much. Best-case scenario: he gets a new job that he enjoys greatly and that pays good money. Worst-case scenario: we sell the house; cut out frivolous things like high-speed internet, cell phones, Netflix, swimming and gymnastics for kids; learn to love Ramen noodles again, and develop a healthy relationship with lentils. Yay.

3 thoughts on “And so it goes

  1. Dear Olya,
    I hope everything will be OK, don’t be such a pessimist:) Wish your husband a great job, and you and your nice kids all the best!
    Kind regards,
    Karina (Saint-Petersburg)


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