Why did we want them to start talking, again?

Whenever ChairmanMao starts crying, Squeektar pipes in with “Baby is crying! He is hungry! He wants boobies! With milk!”

This one is from a few months back, when Squeek discovered the difference between the sexes: “[Squeektar] has a penis. [DemonChild] has a penis. Papa has a penis. Mommy has a penis?” After being assured that Mommy does not have a penis (but knows where to get one when she needs it), he goes right down the line with “Grandma has a penis?” We got to have this discussion every day for at least a month.

Demonchild to BelovedSpouse, yesterday: “Papa, go away and talk to Mommy!” (Now where is that attitude when we want them to leave us alone? Nowhere to be found, that’s where.)

DemonChild, after farting: “[DemonChild] puknul!” (“puknul” means “farted” in Russian, and is about the only Russian word he remembers). This is followed by five minutes of giggling. Oh, the joys of life with boys.


2 thoughts on “Why did we want them to start talking, again?

  1. Yes, why it is when we have things to do, the kids are attached at the hip, but when you WANT to spend time with them, they want you to leave them alone?


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