Here we go again

Apparently, I am nothing if not predictable.

Last Thursday. 36 weeks. First weekly appointment. 1 cm dilated, cervix nice and hard.

Today. 37 weeks. Second weekly appointment. 2 cm dilated, cervix 70% effaced, baby’s head “really really low.”

Prognosis: Can go into labor any day now. Sounds familiar?


4 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Here’s hoping 3.0 makes a timely entrance and doesn’t enjoy hanging out inside the womb too much. Recalling 2.0’s birth, perhaps you will need to give 3.0 more direction on which way is out *smiles*


  2. I’m crossing my fingers that the little one at leasts waits until next Saturday. Wouldn’t want you to miss another Girl’s Night Out. Given your track record, though, I don’t think that it will be an issue.


  3. Best of luck Olya! You never know, 3.0 could surprise you. But, based on the other two, you’ve probably got some time to wait yet. Either way, take care and try to rest up if you can!!


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