A lesson I could have lived without

Yesterday sucked.

Apparently God decided that I was whining too much over Squeektar throwing up in the tub and in the beds, and figured it was time to lay the smack down. As I was driving from the Saturn dealership to pick up Squeektar at WMUG’s, I started feeling really ill, and threw up ALL OVER THE CAR. That’s right. Vomit all over the car that we are planning to sell in a few days.

Also, vomit all over my suede coat. Which currently in a garbage bag thoughtfully provided by the mother-in-law. Who, to give credit where credit is due, did not bat an eyelash when I showed up on her doorstep covered in puke (yes, literally covered. It was not pretty.) and gave me some clothes to wear home, as well as another garbage bag to cover the seat.

I got home, ran in and threw up again, and that set the pattern for the rest of the evening. Poor BelovedSpouse was sick, too, so we could not even attempt to clean the car. SqueekeryOne fell asleep at 8 pm, I went to bed shortly after, and by 9:30 pm both DemonChild and BelovedSpouse were in bed, too.

On the plus side, Squeektar and spouse are both feeling better today. I stayed home, and feel like shit.

In the grand scheme of things, none of this is really important. A friend of ours got laid off yesterday, with no warning. I am sure they would take a pukey car over that any day.

And God, I think I learned my lesson. So if at all possible, I would like not to throw up in the car again.


4 thoughts on “A lesson I could have lived without

  1. Eeewww, that sucks! I hope you feel better soon. And I don’t envy the cleaning project that lies ahead. Glad to hear little one is feeling better. Stomach bugs are the worst…


  2. Wow, I too got the memo that this was vomit week. I managed to make it to the toilet, thankfully.

    You could also spice it up and wet the bed, I managed oddly enough to do THAT a few months ago. Let’s just all regress together!

    I am so sorry about the car! ;-(


  3. Yep, you got that right. I’d take the pukey car over what we got yesterday. But, if yesterday hadn’t gone down the way it did, I’d be complaining about the pukey car too. I do feel bad for you. Hope you feel better soon.


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