Getting them used to disappointment early

Sunday, around 2 pm. Phone message from World’s Most Useless Grandma (WMUG):

“Would today be a good day to come over? I am gone until 3:30, give me a call after that.”

Sunday, around 8 pm. Phone conversation with WMUG:

“We already arranged for baby-sitters today. Feel free to come on Monday around 5:30-6:00. See you then!”

Monday, 5:25 pm. I tell DemonChild that Grandma is coming over tonight. DemonChild is excited.

5:45 pm. No WMUG.

6:15 pm. Still no WMUG. We stuff ourselves on mac and cheese.

7:00 pm. I call WMUG’s house, on the off chance she fell and broke a leg or something. She picks up the phone. Does not sound on the brink of death. Was doing her taxes and lost track of time. So sorry and all that. Let’s try again on Sunday, or maybe next Monday.

And somehow it is OUR fault she does not get the see the kids enough…


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