Mmmmm, more books

As fate would have it, last night I convinced HisMelness that he will survive watching the boys for 20 minutes while I make a quick library run. DemonChild and Squeektar were both in an agreeable mood, so after a gourmet meal of McDonald’s happy meals for them and tea with McDonald’s apple pies for me, I put the pedal to the metal and high-tailed it to the library.

So many books, and only 10 minutes to pick some out. I decided on the path of least resistance and perused the new releases shelves. The result: currently reading “Dust” by Elizabeth Bear, while “The Absolute Sandman, Vols. I & II” by Neil Gaiman are patiently waiting for me in a spot unaccessible to my children. The Sandman books are graphic novels, and lugging them to the car was quite the work out 🙂

And today I ordered “Night Life,” “Creation in Death,” and “The Sweet Far Thing” from Bookseses, sweet bookseses!


5 thoughts on “Mmmmm, more books

  1. Which means, of course, that I will be reading “Creation in Death” within the next few weeks. Mooching off friends is fun!


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