She reads!

After two years of living in the new house, I finally made it to the public library a couple of weeks ago. A shame, really, since the library is only five minutes away from us, so I am not sure why it took me so long.

For my inaugural run, I checked out three books: “The Kept Man” by Jami Attenberg, “The Opposite of Love” by Julie Buxbaum, and “The Heart-Shaped Box” by Joe Hill.

“The Opposite of Love” – very enjoyable tale of young lawyer Emily Huxby figuring out what’s important in life, and what the opposite of love is. I read it in one night.

“The Heart-Shaped Box” – another very good read. Aging rock star Judas Coyne buys a ghost, and bad things start to happen. Another late night spent reading.

“The Kept Man” – for some reason, I just could not get into this tale of Jarvis Miller, whose husband, a famous painter, has been in a coma for six years. Returned it to the library today, with no regrets.

Hopefully I will make another foray into the library soon. I miss reading!


3 thoughts on “She reads!

  1. The Heart Shaped Box was a good read. It kept me awake long after I should have been sleeping, too. My librarians know me by name; I walk in, and they cheerfully greet me and ask how my parents are.


  2. OK, if my little sister has read the book, it must be good. Maybe it’s time for me to finally renew that library card of mine. It’s only been 3 years since it expired.


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