I am not enjoying this whole “being a responsible adult thing”…

… and I am not even very good at it. *sigh* Boring post about our day below.

Busy day today. BelovedSpouse’s work throws a Santa party for the kids every year, and it was today at noon. However, BelovedSpouse also had aikido testing at 9:30 or 10:30 am, and the logistics dictated we attempt watching him test as a family. Of course, the kids got into a squabble right as it was time for adults to test. Fortunately, the dojo shares an entry way with a game store, so there is a shared foyer, and that’s where I hung out with the kids for the next half an hour, hoping and praying their screams (and my threats) did not penetrate the heavy door 🙂 Spouse passed, by the way.

Onward to the Santa party. Squeektar attempted to become a fixture around Santa’s chair (possibly a rug), but when it came to actually being held by Santa, he got freaked out a bit. We got DemonChild to ask Santa to pick him up (he did ask, but beforeSanta could do anything, DemonChild ran right back to us). He went willingly for the handing out of gifts (a dragon, oooh), and afterwards even said good-bye.

Squeeker napped on the way to and from the Santa party. DemonChild only napped on the way back. Once we got home, both boys decided they wanted to be up. The firstborn watched “Curious George,” the secondborn followed me around as I attempted to do laundry and dishes, and sleep-deprived spouse crashed out for a couple of hours.

Once BelovedSpouse was up, he took over kid-watching; while he fed them and bathed them, I vacuumed the house. At 7:30 or so we went to a Christmas Party at grandma-in-law’s. It started out well with Squeek being sleepy and cute and DemonChild being hyper and cute, but then lack of sleep caught up with the latter, and he started to work on an impressive meltdown. We were planning to leave by 9:30 anyway, so that was good timing.

Got home at 10:15. I finished laundry, we culled some more toys from the playroom, and then I cleaned up the kitchen. Now it is 11:45. This adulthood thing is so totally over-rated! Nobody ever said that by the time you have some time for yourself you are supposed to go to bed! And I used to think how much easier things would be once I finished college. Hah! Oh, to be able to go back in time and be little again. I swear days had 48 hours in them and summers went on forever. Now you blink and it’s another week. Not fair 😦

Squeek, incidentally, had a screaming meltdown around 11:15, so we are in for a typical night of periodically screaming child(ren) and trying to sleep on a papasan pillow in their room. At the rate we are going, I am not sure we can survive until my parents get here…


2 thoughts on “I am not enjoying this whole “being a responsible adult thing”…

  1. I agree adulthood is totally overrated.

    Hang in there, from another mom in the land of screaming children.

    By the way, I’ve tagged you for a meme called Seven Things. Hope you don’t mind.


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