Going to do some anonymizing…

Nothing major, but you’ll see first names of people in my family replaced by initials (and then nicknames; see suggestions below). I don’t want to do this, but it’s probably a smart course of action (and a good thing that all our names start with different letters, hehe). The main reason is that I don’t want powers that are to find this blog and use it against me. Alas, finding it is easy. And unlike Dooce I am not going to be able to make a living from my blog. I want to be able to speak about my problems with the church denomination we nominally belong to, about sex, about depression, parenting frustrations, etc, without fear of being called in and told to “watch how what I write reflects on the place you work.” To speak more freely later, I am going to try for some more anonymity first. In a sense, this is going back to the roots of this blog – I started it so I could vent about work anonymously, but it morphed into a blog about my life, and I don’t want to start yet another blog, and I do want to be able to write whatever I want, so, as much as it galls me, I am initiating “Operation Anonymization.”

So, what do you think about “DemonChild” for Child the First and “Squeek” for Child the Second? SpermDonor for Beloved Spouse? Or BelovedSpouse for Beloved Spouse, which has the benefit of abbreviating to BS and thus offers more than one potential meaning? 😉

And as long as I am asking questions – now that I am blogging semi-regularly, if any of you want to be removed from the notification list, just let me know. We are all about customer service here 🙂


7 thoughts on “Going to do some anonymizing…

  1. Your proposed nicknames sound fine, as do inititals. Ironically, DemonChild is what my mother used to call my sister, and it’s now part of my sister’s email address.


  2. Actually, S, David christened me demonchild, and I do my best to live up to that. I love that nickname. I asked him how I earned it once, and he said my true nature was obvious when the Holy Water boiled off my forehead at my baptism.
    I’m for demonchild for the first child, you have already named him [removed to protect the guilty], so it seems like an Omen…


  3. Isn’t there a setting you can do in WordPress to make the blog non-searchable by Search Engines? Seems that I set that, and I’ve been unable to Google for my own website. That might help too.


  4. True, but on the off chance somebody is Googling for “passive-aggressive asshole with a fucked up family,” I want them to find me 🙂


  5. If you try googling passive-aggressive asshole with a fucked up family, you will find your site. It’s the first one.


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