Anger Management

Ever had one of those days, when EVERYTHING annoys you? You spend a meeting restraining yourself from being rude to the coworker with a perpetually sour face. The contractors seem determined that YOU should do all the work, not them. No matter how clearly you express what it is you need, it might as well be in Mandarin Chinese for all the good it does you. You spend another meeting biting down sarcastic remarks because your boss looks like a maiden aunt confronted by a forest of waving penises [can’t believe I misspelled that, what is the world coming to?] whenever you open your mouth and tell it like it is (your teammates laugh their asses off, though, so it’s worth it). Your friend comes over to help watch the kids, and spends the evening contradicting your parental authority, or so it seems.

Such days are perfect for having a cigarette (or ten). Of course, I am shit out of luck, because I quit three years ago.

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