Pink eye

Daycare called to let me know Squeeker’s eyes were all gunked up, and asked that I come and pick him up as soon as I can. Fortunately, I already made an appointment with a pediatrician for later that evening. When I got to daycare, Squeeker was sitting in a little chair, with a table between him and the rest of the world. He did not look happy, and the teachers were feeling bad for him, while hoping he haven’t infected everybody else. I was hoping it was just a tear duct infection, because DemonChild had a number of those when he was smaller, and they looked very similar to what was happening to Squeeker.

The pediatrician had a different opinion. We got diagnosed with pink eye (not an apt name in our case, since his eyes are clear, albeit gunked-up shut), prescribed eye drops (twice a day for three days) and an antibiotic (twice a day for ten days), because she was concerned that Squeeker’s eyes looked almost bruised, which can mean that the infection is trying to spread to areas other than the eye. Argh. I am really hoping the bruised look was a fluke, because it seemed to go away once we got home. I don’t think I am up to dealing with potential serous complications.

This just proves that my children have the worst timing ever, and our last name should officially be changed to “Plague Bearers” :-(The parents of all the children Squeeker came in contact with in the last couple of days should pool their resources and hire a hit squad to remove the disease-carrying menace that is our family from society.)

Originally, BelovedSpouse planned to stay at home with Squeeker tomorrow. I reminded him that his mother wanted to try out her l33t grandmothering skillz, so Squeeker will spend a day with her instead. On the plus side, she lives less than a minute away from my work, so I will just wait at home for her to call when she is ready to babysit, and go in then. On the minus side, she is not an altruistic babysitter, so there will be some (unpleasant) way we’ll have to pay back for her helping us. Damned if we do, and damned if we don’t: the story of our life.


2 thoughts on “Pink eye

  1. Sorry to hear that it’s pink-eye. Both for you and for us. We’ll keep and eye on Alex. How long do you have to keep Squeeker home from daycare?


  2. He has to stay home for a day (well, for 24 hrs after he starts the medication)…

    I googled for pink eye incubation period, and it appears to be anywhere from 12 hrs to 3 days. Hopefully if Alex stays healthy through tomorrow, he will be in the clear.


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