New haircut

New haircutDemonChild got a new haircut.

[Aside to beloved spouse: You ask, “Who’s idea was it to cut DemonChilds hair and what was the excuse they used? :-)” That would have been my parents. You, I believe, uttered, “they can cut his hair if they want to” before we left. Well, they wanted to. *grins*]

I stayed home with Squeeker, while Mom and Dad took DemonChild to the special kid’s hair-cut place. They took along our portable DVD player to entertain DemonChild (who at home would not let us do much to his hair). At the salon, they had three hairdressers, toys, TV playing cartoons, etc. Even a live turtle. I am told DemonChild sat through the haircut absorbed in “Lilo and Stitch”, but after the haircut was done he went over and explored the toy shelf and visited with the turtle. It was apparently a very positive experience for all concerned.

What do you think? Everybody is loving the short hair, but I am ambivalent. I think DemonChild looked really cute with his hair long. Guess I was meant to be a redneck parent… Am I totally in the minority by preferring the long hair look?


5 thoughts on “New haircut

  1. He looks cute with the short hair, but I think he looked cute with the long hair. Look at it this way… It will grow out.


  2. He looks pretty cute with both. You can grow it out and give him a new EMO cut. I’m glad his salon experience was positive. 🙂


  3. I love ya Weasel, but thank god for the demise of the mullet. ;p He seems to look a little older with the short hair too.


  4. Was it like: “I’m board, lets give DemonChild a haircut”?

    Or more like: “He looks unhappy with his hair, lets get him a haircut”?

    I think he looks more innocent in the long hair.
    Judging from the picture, it appears they may have trimmed his brain as well. 🙂


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