Of This and That

St. Petersburg is 9 hrs ahead of Milwaukee. Often, adjusting to the time change is the hardest thing about the trip. S., though, seems unfazed – he fell asleep about 10 pm and was up around 5:30, with a couple nursing sessions thrown in between, which is par for the course for him. D. had somewhat more trouble – the first night he was up until 2 am (because some parents who shall remain nameless let him sleep until 8 pm; I was asleep myself, or I would have said something). Next morning, he slept until 9:30, had an hour long nap, and was asleep by 10 pm. Today he got up around 10 am – where is all that sleeping in when B. and I need it during the weekend? S. slept until 8:30 am, too – it’s like the kids are mocking me. He is taking pretty nice naps, too, and rarely squeekers. Nobody believes me that it is so NOT how things normally are *smiles* Update: It is now Thursday, and the kids got up at 7 am (D.) and 8 am (S.). D. is throwing tantrums like there is no tomorrow. S. is finding opportunities for squeekering. Looks like things are back to normal, LOL.

On Monday D. went for a walk with Dad and found a puddle to play in. Such was his joy at making himself one with the puddle that even random passerby cheered him on. He came home dripping wet and covered in mud. On Tuesday, Mom took him to the pond to see the ducks. D. waded right in. It became very obvious that having only two pairs of shoes was not going to cut it. So we took a family trip to the store, and D. now has 4 new pairs of shoes. Can you tell the ones he has already worn?

D.’s new shoes

On Wednesday, my parents dragged a tub outside and filled it with water. Much water play commenced. S. splashed. D. tried to lap the water like a dog. S. led the way into the tub. D. gamely followed, almost squashing Squeektar in the process. Clothes got soaked. Diapers swelled to disturbing size. Eventually, protesting players were carried off to get a bath.

D. and S. playing in the water


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