Squeeker squeeker little star

Squeeker, at almost 9 months, has only two teeth (bottom center), but they are sharp little buggers, and he would like nothing better than to chew on my fingers for hours at a time. My fingers are not amused.

He finally figured out how to crawl forward Memorial Day weekend. I tried putting him down for a nap two weeks ago, and the squeekers he was making were so, for lack of better word, self-satisfied, that I went to look if everything was alright. There was Squeek, standing in the crib, holding onto the railing, and grinning. He has since proceeded to attempting to pull himself up using anything available — parental leg, long-suffering dog, activity table, high chair that moves, and furniture that doesn’t. Chairs in scarily close vicinity of metal table legs are a particular favorite. Once upright, he cruises (often in circles).The other night he pulled up on me and then stood, unassisted, for a second or two, before plopping down on his butt. His teachers at daycare think he’ll take his first steps before we go to Russia in two weeks, and they might be right.

He does not have separation anxiety as much as he has a strong dislike of being left alone. If he is left alone in the great room, he will crawl to wherever the action is, squeekering his annoyance at being abandoned at the top of his lungs. Ignored, the annoyed squeekering will become full-blown shrieking, which is impossible to ignore, and Squeek knows it full well.

He gets up around 6 am, and nurses. Eats a serving of cereal and fruit/veggie at daycare, and drinks two 5oz+ bottles of milk. At home, he eats another serving of veggie or fruit, and nurses before bed. Goes down around 8 pm (though it was more like 9:30pm the last couple of days), and wakes up twice a night to nurse. We’ll see on the 20th how he is measuring up.

In the mornings, I change and dress both boys in DemonChild’s room. Often, DemonChild would bring a book to read. Immediately, Squeeker would abandon whatever object he is chewing on, and attempt to crawl onto the book. DemonChild is not always thrilled about that.


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