This has been a long and in many ways unproductive week. We had company on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (great fun, but not conducive to house-cleaning). I had to do a lot of medical running-around – to the surgeon who did sentinel node biopsy operation when my melanoma turned out to be bigger than 1 mm (Tuesday: scar looking fine, but too thick at the bottom, so four cortisone shots were administered with an air gun), to the dermatologist (Wednesday: no suspicious new moles, scheduled mole removal from face and neck in September, and a checkup for BelovedSpouse in July), to the opthalmologist (Thursday: he remembered that I was pregnant last time I seen him, asked if I had another boy or a girl, and proclaimed my vision to be 20/20). No more doctors until the 20th, when Squeeker goes in for his 9-month checkup.

BelovedSpouse got pulled over last Friday night for having a front and rear headlight burned out on the Jetta. Owner’s manual unhelpfully suggested taking the car to the dealership to replace the bulbs. I was looking for something along the lines of “pry the covering away with a flat-head screwdriver,” but no such luck. As of Tuesday morning, an hour and $70 later, we have a car with all four lights again.

My passport arrived, with the matrimonial name duly written in. Tomorrow, shoes I have ordered from FamousFootwear will arrive, and very likely not fit. Thank God for free returns to the store for online purchases. Also this week, one hopes, the t-shirts I ordered on clearance from Kohl’s will come. Optimistically, I went with Juniors Medium, and have since developed a dark suspicion I will not fit into any of them. Returns to store to the rescue, again 😉

Was nowhere near as productive at work as I wanted to. Praying that the Russian vacation will recharge my work batteries.

And that’s a quick update on my boring life.


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