Like squeekery clockwork…

Squeeker’s newfound mobility has made him a much happier baby. Also, apparently, a baby who once again wants to eat every two hours or so during the night. Take last night as an example. He was tired, so I nursed him around 7:30, and put him in the crib. Then he wanted to revisit the boob at 10:30. And at 12:00. And at 1:45. And at 3:15. Then he snoozed until 6:15, had his breakfast suckle, and by 8:15 or so felt an urgent need to make sure the boob was still there.

And then there is a matter of naps. There are those mythical “totally awesome naps” he occasionally takes at daycare – kid clonks out for three hours at a time. On the weekends, however, Squeek prefers to catnap as he nurses – two fun activities for the price of one, not to mention for the time of one. Last Sunday he did nap for over three hours, but that’s because he had managed to squeeker himself into total exhaustion, what with finally figuring out how to crawl forward.

I put him in the crib today, hoping against hope that he’ll nap. Happy little squeekerings coming from the room. When I went in to check on him, Squeektar was standing up in the crib, grinning. Methinks he wants to skip the whole crawling thing and go straight to walking upright.


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