Men Are From Mars, Redux

Email conversation on Tuesday, May 22:

[B.] PS Happy two days before our Tenth Wedding Anniversary. PPS I don’t plan on cooking Thursday, want to order out at Applebee’s?

[me] want to ask (our friends) if they can watch the kids for a couple of hours Thursday evening? 😉
(oh crap, oh crap, totally forgot we have an anniversary coming up! wonder if I can get my hair done in the next two days)

[B.] Sure we could drop them off or they could come to our place either way.
(hmmmm….. I don’t think he is getting it)

[me] ummm…. what if we want to use our place for something? unless you’d rather go to a Motel 6….
(I doubt work will appreciate if I spell things out for him)

[B.] I didn’t know they had Asheron’s Call at Motel 6. 🙂 I did say “drop off” first for a reason. 🙂
(nice save there, B.)


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