Taking the good with the bad

List of things to remember when things are dark:

  • DemonChild going “Mommy, mommy, mommy” in the mornings, and when I come in, saying “Diapertime” and laying down on the changing pad in the “change me” position

  • Sequeeker smiling at us when we come into his field of vision

  • DemonChild holding my hand to his cheek and snuggling to it during our walks

  • Squeeker launching himself at the boob when he is hungry, and being so happy once he eats his fill

  • DemonChild saying “Ice Ice Ice Ice Pweeze” when he wants to eat some ice. Then looking at me and saying “Lyod,” which is Russian for “ice.”

  • Squeeker happily chewing everything within reach

  • DemonChild and Squeeker snuggling, which to untutored eyes would appear more like smothering

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