Tech Support Woes

I have absolutely no luck whatsoever with Tech Support. None. It’s like any tech support call/email from me automatically gets flag with “Ignore, or if can’t ignore, treat her like an idiot.”

Exhibit 1: A while back, the error logs for the website were showing a broken javascript link for EVERY page. Obviously, something wrong with the template. The javascript in question is part of the CMS (Content Management System) we use. Tech support for the company from whom we purchased the CMS insists that the problem is ours, not theirs (direct quote: Have you customized any of our functions? can you tell me exactly what function you are accesing and how you are accessing it that produces this error?. If I knew that, I wouldn’t be asking you, now would I?). I stupidly vent to my boss, he emails the CIO of the company, and my name goes on their shit list for life, I suspect. Oh, and the problem gets solved, by us. Lesson learned: Windows search does not search .aspx or .php files. Useless piece of crap. My Dreamweaver installation is fubar in some obscure way, because it was also not letting me search inside files. If I had known that, I would have solved the problem on my own in 5 minutes.

Exhibit 2: We cannot upload files to our portal from home. Helpdesk (different company from above) hints that the problem is slow connection or not using IE 5.5 (direct quote: Our PD department has informed us that our product works best with IE 5.5. You can’t even GET IE5.5 these days. LOL.).

After much screaming and gnashing of teeth on my part, problems turns out to be our firewall settings, which is what we suspected all along, and which was never mentioned by my helpdesk technician (who was very nice, just not very useful).

Exhibit 3 (ongoing): I have upgraded our CMS editor. There are issues with the upgrade. I am trying to upgrade the upgrade, and it is not taking. My repeated emails of “I think the problem is on the SERVER” get replies of “here’s how to remove the application from the CLIENT.” I HAVE removed and reinstalled it at least 10 times now. I have installed it on a “clean” machine. I have done everything but sacrificed a chicken to it. The problem is ON THE SERVER!!!! Grrrr. In the meantime, my users are probably thinking of creative ways of killing me. *sigh*

Update, later that day: heard nothing back from the company yet, and it’s been a couple of hours. Told boss not to email them yet, because I want to stay off the shit list for a while. Boss was not amused.

Update, next day: I have waited all day for a phone call from them. Not amused.


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