The Road Test

Friday evening, we had Alan’s game at our house. I actually managed to stay awake, but ended up trying to catch up on work instead of socializing. DemonChild did his part in tiring out the baby-sitters, and did not fall asleep until almost midnight.

On Saturday, I went to Target to buy gifts and necessities. Twice, because the first time around I forgot half the gifts. Saturday afernoon Rachel stopped by with baby Caden. He is a cute big guy, weighing 16 lbs at 2 months. It was good to see Rachel again, and as a bonus we managed to get Caden to drink some milk from a bottle. On Saturday evening I drove to Shannon’s neck of the woods for a girls’ night out, dragging Squeekers along. The evening started off somewhat unpromising with the discovery that one of the Jetta’s front headlights has burned out, meaning that I would have to take the road test on the Saturn, which I have not driven in ages, and to which I lovingly refer to as “blind spot on wheels.” The girls night out was a lot of fun, though.

The Road Test of (Thwarted) Doom. It’s a good thing we took the Saturn for the test – the streets around Mill Rd DMV were not plowed very well, and even with the all-wheel drive and going slow, the SUV was sliding all over the place. The examiner was very nice. I tried to keep my nervous chatter to a minimum. I remembered to check The Blind Spots of Doom. I slowed down for railroad tracks and uncontrolled intersections. I pretended to parallel park and backed more-or-less straight back when asked. In the end, I only lost 8 points, compared to 28 and 31 on my previous attempts. Larry’s coaching definitely paid off…. And oh yeah, it is five failures in any given 365 days. Afterwards, BelovedSpouse and I went out for a celebratory lunch.

Next day, my coworkers trusted my mad probationary driving sk1llz to get them to MSOE and back four days in a row. At first I was going to let my boss drive, but he turned out to be one of those “they gave HIM a license, but failed me???” drivers, so we had a better chance of survival with me at the wheel (boss ran through a bunch of red lights, went down the wrong way on one-way streets, and in general drove like God was his copilot. As one coworker later put it, “I rode with him twice, and it was two times too many.” Eeep.).


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