I am so doomed

As I was pulling out of the driveway to go to our Girls Night Out, BelovedSpouse noticed that one of the front lights on the Jetta has burned out. Figures. That means I will be taking the road test on the Saturn, aka Blind Spot on Four Wheels, which I have not driven for months, have no idea how to parallel park, and am not bloody likely to handle with confidence. I think my first question to the unfortunate person getting the dubious priviledge to test my driving skills will be, “So, that thing about having to go to driving school after you fail five times in a year… Would that be a calendar year or 365 days from the first failure?” Shannon says I should go to take the test expecting to pass. Seeing as I have tried that twice and failed spectacularly, this time I am going in expecting to fail. This way at least I will not be disappointed. Of course, there is always the possibility of Saturn’s lights experiencing critical failure between now and 9:00 am Monday, in which case I will fail the test without even having to do anything. Go me.


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