Not that I will actually accomplish any of these, but what the hell… Here are my top 20 resolutions for 2007 – some big, some small, all very likely doomed:

  1. Be a better wife (yup, it is what you think it is)
  2. Be a better mother (must find patience and hold onto it with a death grip; also, must speak to kids in Russian)
  3. Be a better friend (emailing people on a regular basis should be a good start)
  4. Be a better employee (learn new skills at work, manage time better, slack off less)
  5. Get organized (there’s a doomed resolution if there ever was one; I have been making it for the last ten years running)
  6. Take pictures of the kids every day, or at least every other day
  7. Blog every day, or at least every other day
  8. Keep track of money (ooooh, monthly budget, here I come)
  9. Pay everything on time (since I automated almost all payments, this one may even get achieved)
  10. Go through all the boxes in the house (because the basement is a scary, scary place these days; would be cool to find all my jewelry again, too)
  11. Waste less time (says she, and wastes most of the day today; cue in the Imperial Death March)
  12. Get American driver’s license (attempt to do so without becoming a horrible warning on how NOT to take road tests)
  13. Decide whether or not I want to apply for American citizenship this year
  14. Send out S.’s birth announcements and Christmas cards (why yes, I am well aware I am at least four months late on the former and a month late on the latter. See item 5 above.)
  15. Go through my clothes and get rid of at least some of them (have to keep reminding myself that if I haven’t worn something for the last five years, odds are I will not wear it for the next five, either)
  16. Lose 10 lbs
  17. Not kill any more house plants (memo to self: watering plants once a week goes a long way towards achieving this goal)
  18. Videotape kids doing cute stuff at least once a week (because we forget, and they are only little once)
  19. Clean and organize office at work; keep it that way (because while some mess may be good, the state of my office now has gone past “creative” into “horribly depressing;” also, basement will thank me for moving away the old textbooks)
  20. Finish OGRE afgan for B. (15 hexagons done, over 200 still to go…. eeep)

One thought on “Resolutions

  1. My 2 cents:

    No.#2–yeah, that one is probably important.
    No.#3 & 4 are overrated. :p
    No.#6, 7, & 18–important too.
    No.#12 would be useful, I suppose. 🙂


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