The Waiting Game

Had my last scheduled OB-GYN appointment before due date (September 17). Brief review:

August 23
First weekly appointment. Internal exam shows everything nice and closed, but I am measuring 33 cm at 36 weeks. Ultrasound is scheduled to make sure the baby is growing as it should.
August 29
Still measuring 33 cm. Ultrasound reveals that the baby is just being stealthy. Internal exam, on the other hand, reveals that I am now 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. Entering “can go into labor at any day” mode, but with much less freaking out than when I was told “any day now” when I was pregnant with DemonChild (and he ended up being 5 days overdue, go figure). Of course, since I have redefined “freaking out” back then (as in, accomplishing absolutely nothing during the last month of the pregnancy due to being paralyzed into inaction), “much less” is a relative term. Some panic ensues, baby clothes are washed, and an attempt is made to get a hospital bag together.
September 7
3 cm dilated. Thought that I might go into labor on Labor Day, but that turned out to be a false alarm. Having a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions, and not enjoying them.
September 13
After a week of baby attempting what feels like kicking its way out through the top of the uterus every evening, and another “Could this be labor?” false alarm, complete with calling friends and asking if we could possibly drop off DemonChild at their place on our way to the hospital should things come to that, all goes quiet on the Western front. Decide to go in for a non-stress test just in case, after reading scary statistics on stillbirths online. Baby snoozes for the first 20 minutes or so. Finally, a combination of apple juice, cookie, and water induce some kicks. Vigorous kicking continues all the way home. At night, baby finds my bladder and proceeds to joyfully shove it for an hour and a half. By the third trip to the bathroom, I am not amused. Go to bed at 2 am, after 2.0 loses interest in torturing me.
September 14
Last scheduled appointment before due date. I have gained 3 lbs somehow (suspect soups in bread bowls had a lot to do with it, but blame baby regardless). Now measuring at 36 weeks, and feeling like somebody has over-inflated a balloon in my stomach. 4 cm dilated. Suspect that I haven’t gone into labor by now only because my unborn child is as directionally challenged as I am, and keeps heading into wrong directions (like up). Find out my doctor won’t be available on Saturday. Wanna bet that’s when 2.0 is finally going to figure out where down is?

Since I can’t sleep while 2.0 does its nightly cavorting, I have played way too many Forty Thieves solitaire games. Talking about which, I should go and reward myself for writing this post by playing a game or two 😉


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