Oh Yeah, I Am So Good At The Updating Thing… Part The Second.

Some general stuff, before I go:

Remember that selling the house thing I mentioned way back in August? Well, the person who wanted to buy the house decided not to, so we put it on the market in September. Started at $215,000. Of course, the housing market took a nose dive almost immediately. We lowered the price to $209,000. Now it is at $199,900. We are not holding our breath that it will sell before Christmas – not with our luck. Anybody out there would like a nice 3 bedroom 1 bathroom ranch on a 1/2 acre in a quiet subdivision of New Berlin?

We have ordered a queen-size mattress for our guest bedroom (conversation with parental until went something like this:

Me: Cool, so you are coming in December? We’ll buy a second queen-size air mattress!
Dad: Ummm….

So, we bought a mattress at Steinhafels. It was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday, but it turns out a special double box-spring is needed, because the regular one would not fit up our staircase. New ETA is Saturday. Also on Wednesday, Jen and I went shopping to Kohl’s and bought queen-size bedding and regular pillows. I got fleece sheets for us, because our windows are drafty so it gets cold in the master bedroom. Guest bedroom got 440 count ivory sateen sheets (with $10 pillows. Oh well, one step at a time. We are running negative on our budget trying to pay two mortgages, and I just can’t ask Dad for more money, after all the help he has already given us. My parents would gladly give us more, but I already feel so indebted to them it’s not even funny. Of course, this has not stopped me from buying a bunch of pants at Kohl’s later that evening. Debts R Us.)

This weekend I am hoping to get the kitchen into usable shape. BelovedSpouse will put things wherever he wants them, since he is the cook, but I am going to paint inside the cabinets and contact-paper the shelves first. The previous owner of our house kept things very nice on the outside, but on the inside they are a bit of a mess. I wanted to get this done much sooner, but things have not worked out that way.

And on this note, I am logging off and going to bed. After I wash and sterilize the bottles, that is.


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